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Bread & Culture started with humble beginnings at farmers markets across New Jersey, and since then, our love for baking has only grown stronger. With a focus on local ingredients, we have always sourced from nearby suppliers to support the community and bring the best tasting products to the table. Our passion for baking is only rivaled by our commitment to giving back and being an active part of the community we have received so much support from over the years.

Community Oriented

We believe in bringing people together and giving back through the joy of baking.

Handmade From The Start

We started as a small operation in our own kitchen. Today, we continue to hand-craft baked goods in the heart of Flemington.

Our Specialties

Delicious pastries and naturally leavened breads made fresh daily. Come by and try them out!

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wheat / butter / milk / sugar / salt / culture / poolish

Sourdough bread

wheat / spelt / water / sourdough culture / sea salt

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Bread & Culture

We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with! We are happy to welcome you into our home. Fresh brewed coffee, teas, AND Sourdough Bread & Pastry!

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